Please donate and help us provide helpful video programming for members in your community and across the world. Your donation allows us to use traditional counseling techniques, holistic methods,and faith-based counseling methods to help survivors for free by video education. We use our God given talents to help all survivors overcome sexual abuse in a compassionate manner.

Urgent Projects


To raise $30,000 for television production, editing, and post production teams. To grow the Youtube audience and create videos for children, teenagers, and adults.

These videos contain vital educational tools that work.


 Find your inner Strength Through Christ Jesus AS We Are by helping The Voiceless of All Ages 

Join us to help millions of survivors gain the revelation that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can heal the broken spirited in sexual abuse recovery. Traditional counseling methods and Holistic methods are also shared to met all needs.

Our Mission

To provide creative video programming for those who are voiceless. â€‹Survivors want help, and we are finding out that a lot of women in business are struggling with issues very similar to sexual abuse, therefore we are here to help. Our team consists of small business owners so we know the struggles and can help.


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