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Tina Medina Ministries Inc. 

The Value and benefits of the OSA Book Series is much more than what you will ever pay. Why? The commitment to help you gain inner healing and restoration with over 20 years of experience is in the books as counseling and case management comes together for you.​​

Mission Statement: God has given our clients the Seven Positive Life Factors which are natural intellect, gifts, talents, skills, abilities, strengths, and experiences. The Seven Positive Life Factors are not diminished even though someone has been sexually abused.  The common myth that a sexually abused victim’s life is permanently damaged is proven false in the Overcoming Sexual Abuse (OSA) Book Series. The problem is that most survivors who are our clients may not know what their gifts are! This is okay. It is our job to help them discover themselves in a positive light despite the fact sexual abuse had occurred.  The beauty of the OSA book series is real help now and healing is available for those suffering from sexual abuse now.

The Overcoming Sexual Abuse Book Series is designed to meet the client wherever they are at and at any age.  Each book is carefully designed to meet the needs of the preschooler, child, teenager, and adult so they are able to gain a full understanding of the spiritual ramifications of sexual abuse and how to gain inner spiritual healing.  The books take our client on a spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery by Biblical empowerment and positive words to promote positive affirmations. 

When the seven factors are discovered by our clients for the first time, a new value and importance is placed on their lives because they realize they do possess their own special God given gifts. As the client’s personal healing and growth progress continues, he or she begins to operate in their gifts and that is the goal of the OSA Book Series.  It is our desire to help our clients move past their pain and heal to realize that they possess everything needed to help them fulfill their destiny.

 Life happens. Sometimes everyday events occur which bring layer upon layer of pain and the core issue of sexual abuse is covered up with everyday responsibilities, low-self-esteem, bad relationships, major illness, or continued  abuse.  This is a reality that may take our client off track and in some cases the result is a chaotic life experience. However, it is okay, because the OSA Book Series is designed to help you today. Timing is everything for our potential clients and us.  If it is our time to reach out globally with a loving hand to serve them, then it is their season to reach back and respond, so the restoration process can begin now. 

Throughout out the world, there is simply enough negativity and the sexually abused have been crying out for help. When one can easily become a victim to the negative socialization process of poor parenting, generational abuse and life’s negative circumstances, he or she may not even know what their gifts are, and where they are at spiritually.  In essence, he or she may be stuck in a spiritual dry desert not knowing that the OSA Book Series is a welcoming and nurturing oasis for real lasting spiritual healing. It is our mission to help those we are earmarked to help today! The ultimate goal is to assist someone to find healing and discover who they are, so they can prosper in what they were born to do. 

Our self-help products and trained staff are designed to meet our clients where they are at today so their positive experience can begin. Our products have substance, relevance, and a Biblical foundation which will not fail them. In essence, the Biblical power behind our products are unstoppable, unshakable, and has never failed. We offer valuable and life changing products to enlighten and free the mind from the negative, build the spirit up, and inspire a person to think outside their normal mindset to promote positive change one page at a time.