Tina Medina Ministries - Getting Launch Ready!!


                Financial Request to help Tina Medina Ministries launch!  

It is time to relaunch the ministry at this time. I am very excited as I continue to fulfiill the call on my life and get all of the required paper work situated to be in proper standing with the state of Kansas and the IRS. I am making my first formal request for funds

for the following:  IRS 501c3 $500 and $15,000 for the Overcoming Sexual Abuse Book Reset Project. 

I am so grateful you took the time to visit my website today. I have learned so many things about books, publishing, and processes and prodecures in the last year. I made a great deal of mistakes in the formatting of the books as a novice publisher. I own my errors and I am very grateful for the lessons that I have learned. I have two choices: Stand still or get these books revised! I choose to move forward. 

Now the huge task at hand is to revise the children's book Why Me? to make it a four-part series book because the average children's book is 28 pages in length and mine is 110 pages.  I also have to revise the teenage book, Why Me? Why Now? and the adult book, Overcoming Sexual Abuse, No More Pain and Shame and write them in a simpler and smaller format. This is going to take time to write, reformat, and revise so the readers can read the books at a fifth grade reading level. I simply do not have the extra resources to do this alone anymore so I am reaching out to the Body of Christ. Both teenage and adult books will be a two-part series and I anticipate it is going to take 4 months on a part-time basis. I need help getting these books in the right format to reach the market place and would appreciate your financial gift or grant for this project now.

The financial request is $15,000 for this project because of new covers, 2 editors, book layouts, and writing time. I need help in this project because there are too many sexual abuse survivors who need help now. I am sincerely requesting the Body of Christ to help me with any type of gift or grant because the need is great. 

Thank you so much for your consideration to this request. My goal is to get the books to the market place in an acceptable format and get it righ this time. 

We are Christ-centered and 100% dedicated to providing solid Biblical material to help those who believe and those who do not know that Jesus can heal anyone who needed inner healing from sexual abuse.

The Beginning

​In 1997, I wrote the following poem which I believe explains how my tiny urban ministry promotes the idea of people becoming ambassadors or public relations agents for Christ.  Since that time, I ministered,counseled, and prayed to hundreds of men and women free of charge because of my commitment to the call and to the Kingdom of God. Now it is time to relaunch for this next phase of ministry. 

 P.R. for J.C?

What can that be?

A way to reach millions by spreading His name!

God’s strong retaliation in the devil’s own game.

God wants you to proclaim His Son’s glory and love,

In a peaceful manner, non-threatening like a dove.

God’s tired of the evilness in the spiritual strife,

He will win the battle with His people from everyday life!

God wants us to love each other and help those in need,

God wants us to eliminate hatred, racism and greed.

P.R. for J.C.?

Is it for me?

God wants you to pray, meditate, wait and see!

 If we are to truly love one another and help those in need, it must begin now.  Now is the time for many outlets to be available to minister and counsel the sexually abused within each community so healing can take place.

If you would like to donate to the cause, stay tuned as I will let you know when we can begin to take donations!!!


Much love to you!

Pastor and Dr. Tina Medina