The Overcoming Sexual Abuse Book Series

Faith-Based and Christ Centered Specialty Books

Great Training Opportunity

The OSA Book Series has plenty of material for 52 counseling sessions (per book with the exception of the pre-school book) that are packed with self-esteem material, pro-social skills and activities, writing therapy, prayers, and a dynamic case management plan plus so much more. The books are purposely priced low to be a value and asset for your clients and patients. The training is reasonably priced because it allows delicate time together and attentiveness to each participant in a great atmosphere which is relaxed, yet highly professional. 

The OSA Curriculum Training is a value because it truly equips you to be successful and this is what you are gaining:

Five days to learn about (one book's 52 modules) at a pace of (10 modules a day) for $9,000. *

This is what you are getting for your training fee:

Limited seating for personal attention (4 people in a class) at the beautiful training conference room at 10777 Barkley Office in Overland Park, Kansas in which breakfast, lunch, beverages, and snacks are served for all 5 days by our talented Chef Yesina Palmas.  There are 4 to 5 hotels within several blocks of the facility. You are responsible for your lodging.

*Comfortable clothing is allowed because the more comfortable you are, the better you are able to be yourself and feel relaxed to be able to absorb all of the material. Our method has always been one of comfort and relaxation because of the nature of the topic.

The Facilitator will receive the following:

1. Exclusive Training, Tips, and Methods of Success from Dr. Tina Medina (5 days)

2. Facilitator’s Book for Why Me? Why Now? 52 modules for 1 hour sessions

3. OSA book – Why Me? Why Now?

4. Audio cds of Exclusive Facilitator Training

5. PowerPoint presentations of Facilitator Training

6. Facilitator’s Guide Usage Rights for two years. Renewal fee for year three is $500.

7. Course Certificate of Completion from Medina Oasis Media Training Services 

8. Two hours of one-on-one personal time with Dr. Tina Medina for personal question and

    answers. She will share her method of establishing trust with someone which is so vital

    in sexual abuse recovery. Plus she will share her listening techniques which will help             you discern the "root cause" of an issue and become a better listener.  

The value of the Overcoming Sexual Abuse Training is that once a counselor/facilitator gains this vital information, he or she is able to take the $54.99 teenage or adult book and have 52 weeks of sessions of counseling plans. The breakdown is only $2.98 (training and book resource) a session. You or your agency then decides what the hourly rate of the session is and it can range from $75.00 to $150.00 an hour. The decision is yours to make because all we want to do is train you, so the OSA books work for you!

Vision of Short-term and Long-Term Value for The Overcoming Sexual Abuse Facilitation Training

Let’s say you are the counselor or manager at an counseling center, youth detention center, or a faith-based hospital and you have 100 patients that need positive sexual abuse recovery material that is Bible based and build excellent self-esteem, then look no further. Your department really needs material that will educate a person about seven-fold restoration, rebuilding their life, and provides a 12 Success Life Factors Case Management, then look no further because we have the material you need to service your clients now!

Here is the math and the bottom line value:
$9000.00 training fee (per counselor)

The cost of 100 (teenage or adult) books for 100 clients is $5499.00 plus Kansas tax and shipping. The total estimate is about $6500.00.

(Freight Terms: Freight Collect Shipping Method:  UPS, USPS, FedEx, or Best Way Shipping Terms: F.O.B. Origin)  

Total: $15,500

 $15,500 divided by 5200 sessions is only $2.98 a session for training and material.

Why Me? (child's book)  $41.59 x 100 books $4159.00 plus tax and shipping $5200.00 

Total: $14,259

$14,259 for 5200 sessions is only $2.74 a session for training and material.

A counselor/facilitator can charge up to $75.00 to $150.00 a session and the OSA Counseling Curriculum is already complete for you.  We made it so easy and understandable that you will save time, energy, effort, and money by not having to create your own sexual abuse recovery material for 52 weeks. It is already finished, polished, and is very professional. 

In one month or less, an institution can be in the position to reimburse itself on the cost of training and begin to make an immediate profit. In several months, it is very possible that  the individual counselor will gain their training fee back and be on their road to profitability as well.

For example:

100 clients at $75.00 for 2 weeks =   $15,000


100 clients at $100.00 for 2 weeks =  $20,000

100 clients at $75.00 for 12 weeks = $90,000

100 clients at $75.00 for 26 weeks = $195,000

*Special rates may apply for organizations who have a limited budget and want to train up to 10 people in a group.  Special rates may also apply to individuals who are in need of a partial discount.