Financial request to help us grow Tina Medina Ministries Inc.!

It is time to launch the tv show at this time. We are very excited as these steps allow us to continue to fulfiill the call on our lives and get all of the required paperwork to be in good standing to gain donations and financial assistance. This is really important and crucial to our team We believe a great foundation is required for a solid organization to be established.

Please help us with the following needs:

$2,500 for new state of the art website - A new website is needed at this time.

​$30,000 for television producing and post production costs for 2021. The opportunity to produce and host a television program on a major world wide network has been offered to the ministry. This program can contain self-help material such as self-esteem building, motivational and leadership enhancement tips, and the OSA Method to Overcome Sexual Abuse will be featured by Tina Medina, Ph.D. Please help us in this effort to share the OSA material with the world.