The Overcoming Sexual Abuse Book Series

Ten (One Hour) Sessions 

Price $850.00

Happy New Year! I am excited to provide these free videos for you to gain your own perspective of what my books are about and how they can help you in 2017!

Dr. Tina Medina Counseling Assessment 

Two Hour Session - You will get the adult book with this session and will be led through the assessment.  Price: $200.00

One Hour Session  

​Price: $100.00

These sessions can be on the phone or on Skype and are designed to give you one-on-one attentive care with Dr. Tina Medina. She will use the Word of God as the foundation of her care methods in these compassionate, affirmative, restorative, and encouraging sessions to help you in your journey to overcome sexual abuse. 

Christian Holistic Care Using the Word of God, Prayer,

Positive Affirmations, and Positive Self-Esteem Building

Faith-Based and Christ Centered Specialty Books