Real Life Testimonies for readers from England: 

​Hi,I hope its okay, but some of my parts wanted to share with you how your books have helped them. This message is from Nellie, she is about 5 years old and severely abused sexually and
physically. She didn't know anything of the outside
world, friends or Jesus. We read through the Can Jesus Help
Me? book together during our evening family time, and they
got to ask questions and talk about it
together. Helen

Hello my name is Nellie, I never had any friends
before but now I do, I have friends here in Hellen, I have a
friend in Canada and my best friend is Jesus. I was very sad
before I met Jesus, I hurt alot and screamed and had really
bad dreams. But I have talked to Jesus about my bad dreams
and He has helped me feel not so scared and start to feel

I have been brave enough to do things outside, I
have seen the water come from the sky, and it made fun
puddles, I have seen ducks on the river and we gave them
bread to eat. I would never have been able to do any of
these things without Jesus as my best friend. The men that
hurt me were very bad men, they believed in bad stuff, so I
thought that the bad stuff must be true and I only was here
to be hurt in bad places. But finding out that Jesus loves
me, I have felt happy for the first ever time and have
started to know that what the bad men said was lies and that
I can be a little girl without being hurt, Jesus is fixing
me, you said that the word for that was restore and it is a
true word.

The hurt is going from inside of me, I do not
dream bad dreams so much, I can laugh too. Sometimes I am
still sad but then I have to remember to go talk to Jesus as
He listens to what is making me sad and it always makes it

I liked that you said that Jesus was my Saviour,
that he wants to save me. I didn't think that anyone
could help me before when i was stuck in my cage, but now I
know that is lies, Jesus can help me wherever I am. I am
trying to help other little ones learn about Jesus when they
wake up so scared and have no friends, they have me as their
friend and Jesus as their best friend too. That is really
good isn't it? Thank you for helping me understand about
the Trinity Team, that Jesus's Dad can help me too
because he actually made me! that is so amazing. I did not
know about the Holy Spirit but now I do and that it is
always there to help me, you know what? I can feel it, it is
like a warm blanket around me and it helps me to feel safe.
Thank you Dr. Tina for your book, we have learn a lot and
are going to draw some pictures from what you put in the
back of your book, I can send you one if you would like.
Love Nellie

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I am writing to firstly let you know how helpful your book on overcoming sexual abuse 
is to me. It put into words what I was experiencing through relationship with Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit.
I need some help I want to organise maybe three events reaching people  who have had sexual abuse with music and ministry.
I belong to a Christian fellowship based in London called Ichthus, I would love to give people that are locked into the code of silence  opportunity to experience the saving grace of God. I need a speaker, would you consider coming to England for a few days to help me reach out to others. we could have your book for people to purchase and call the events no more pain from the scripture,He will wipe away every tear and the Jeremy Camp song. Let me know if you are interested and thanks again Tina for the book.

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