The Overcoming Sexual Abuse Book Series

Thank you for visiting this special website and learning about the OSA Book Series. I have spent 20 years on this project because I know there is a need for faith-based material so the Body of Christ and everyone  can gain inner-healing. So many people simply do not know the Truth and that God promised seven-fold restoration and it is available for you or your loved one now.

In 1997, I began my sexual abuse research and ministry in which I have met homeless people, students, and everyday people who had four common characteristics. Through prayer and many years of work, I came to the conclusion that only God can heal the inner-spirit of a sexual abuse survivor. I,through God's grace invested my own financial resources for this book series and self-published it because I am committed to helping people others as I have for the last 20 years. I have ministered to countless people in this delicate area and never gained a penny until 2015. I believe that 20 years of sowing in the Kingdom of God will produce a great harvest for everyone who reads these books and seeks out my professional help because my faith brought me here and people are responding in a positive manner because God is all over this book series. If you need  compassionate, affirmative, restorative, and encouraging help today, please consider allowing me to help you overcome sexual abuse with the Word of God.

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Dr. Tina Medina