Personal Responsibility for Personal Recovery

Thank you for visiting this special website and learning about the OSA Book Series and our commitment to help others. I have spent 20 years working on this project on a part-time volunteer basis because I know there is a need for faith-based material so everyone in Christ can gain inner-healing. So many people simply do not know the Truth. The Truth is that God, Jesus,The Holy Spirit and the Word of God  promised seven-fold restoration and it is available for you or your loved one now. Inner healing begins when one seeks Jesus as their personal Savior and relies on the Holy Spirit for comfort, help, and guidance. The Word of God promises help from God and this is wonderful news.

In 1997, I began my sexual abuse recovery research and ministry in which I met and ministered (faith-based, holistic, and traditional counseling) to hundreds of homeless people, students, and everyday people from all walks of life on a volunteer and contractual basis. These people  were still severely suffering from sexual assault that occurred many years prior. These people presently had four common characteristics which were the following:

I created the term Outcast Syndrome because it describes the emotional and spiritual aftermath and toll of sexual assault survivor in adults. This syndrome can be destroyed and a survivor can gain emotional freedom from sexual assault with time, proper tools, prayer, and a systematic approach to build one's self esteem. Through revelation, prayer and many years of work, I came to the conclusion that only God can heal the inner-spirit of a sexual abuse survivor because He created it. God is also the only one that can restore years of lost life and abundance through His promise of seven-fold restoration. 

My books contain everything that I know as a counselor, case manager, employment specialist, and self-esteem builder as nothing was held back because I wanted to provide the best material available on the market today.  The content is very strong because you deserve the very best and I want to help you gain restoration in your life. If you need compassionate, affirmative, restorative, and encouraging help today, please consider allowing me to help you overcome sexual abuse with my books. If you do not have a penny to spend on your personal recovery, then please watch our tv show as it is a free outlet to help you now.

The Author of the OSA Series Tina Medina, Ph.D.